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Stories from the field

Theology Graduate

I would like to share about my ministry, which God allowed me to perform in one of the villages of Moldova. In the first year when I first visited the church in the village of Dolinny, my heart could not remain indifferent, and from that day I come almost every Sunday to preach.

The pastor of that church is very sick, both of his kidneys stopped functioning, and he has to go through dialysis every other day, for these reasons of health and because of his age, he can no longer be a pastor, but so far, he has not found anyone willing to take on this ministry. Therefore, a few guys and I go there every week.

Recently (at the beginning of this year), we began a ministry with the unbelieving youth of this village in the local house of culture, and over time, more children than young people started to come and we even had to divide them into age groups. Children and young people want to come and this is a great potential for the church, the village and even the country.

Theology Graduate

Talking about everything UDG did for me,  I won’t be able to mention everything but I will try to specify at least some of them: 

  • God blessed me using His people, even people that I do not know.
  • I received very useful information for my ministry and good, healthy principles and concepts.
  • I met my beautiful wife and God blessed us with a son. 
  • My character as a man of God and His servant was formed.
  • A week before graduation we received a Bible.

​​All these things changed my life and I am so thankful to God for leading my steps to UDG, four years ago.
When I first came to UDG, I had a clear purpose to become a good youth leader, and during the first period of my studies, I was named the youth leader of a church in M. Two years later I was named youth leader in another church and now I am involved in these ministries, but I was also involved in a small Church in the village of R. At present, my wife and I are thinking about moving to R. village as missionaries. Because for the 4 years while I was studying, being a youth leader I worked on growing new leaders in the ministry with young people and two of the young men in the Church are now studying theology, one of them at UDG and the other one in Vatici. Looking at the way God used me, I am now thinking about a larger ministry in a small village with a small number of Christians, to work with the Church, with teen-agers, young people and adults.

Mission's Graduate

I am Diana, a Missiology Faculty graduate this year, using this opportunity to write a few words. I would like to thank you very much for your prayers and for helping me financially with my studies. God works wonderfully and He makes the impossible possible! My studies here changed my character and my deeds, I became a changed person, and I am now a more responsible person. I came to love my homeland more and more and would love to serve the people living in my country. God blessed me with courage and new ideas for working with people in leading them to Christ. I pray that God will continue to use me in the church back in my country. Please pray for me for I want to praise God with my life and to bring hope to the ones in need.
For the years to come ,I would like to dedicate my life to our almighty God and I am praying that God will use me in the ministry with young people, and to be a great help to my church in my country. 

Mission's Student

I am Elvira and was born in Moldova, in 1992. When I was 2 years old my family moved to Kyrgyzstan; I have a mom and two brothers. In 2010, I finished school in village K in Kyrgyzstan and worked as a waitress in a cafe. My parents divorced when we moved to Kyrgyzstan and mom had to work hard to raise her 3 children. I went to work early to help my mom.
At my church I was helping in the children’s ministry, and the ministry to the poor and homeless.
My mother was the first who repented in our family, in 2000, along with her whole family, and started going to church. I got baptised in 2004.
I came to study at UDG University because I really like to serve children and the elderly. I would like to get more knowledge and skills for my future ministry.

Mission Faculty

I am Daniyar, one of the graduates of the Mission faculty of UDG this year. I would like to express my gratitude to those who financially supported me during my four years of study. It is impossible for me to be ungrateful, because without financial support, it would have been impossible for me to receive an education of such a good quality. I thank God for the great opportunity to receive relevant education for the Central Asian context in which we live. I also want to thank those who have prayed for us, and I cannot stop thanking God for our professors, for their immeasurable contribution to the formation of our character. 
Here at UDG, and in Moldova during the period I was here, my Christian life was formed, a life which is based on Scripture and is ready to think critically, and this applies not only to myself but also to everything I do for the Lord. In other words, having arrived here, my tutors helped me think systematically, they helped me to remove the unneeded and to add the needed, and it is also worth mentioning that this happened not like a “brainwashing” but like a personal choice. I learned to think critically, to assess situations, look for a precedent back in history and after all these to draw certain conclusions that should help in practical life.
As for my plans for the future, as I now have to make a choice between the possibilities, but not only possibilities, because like every graduate I am now in between the influence of my personal pragmatism, my personal desires and impulses of conscience to dedicate my life to the ministry. Therefore, I humbly say that I have plans that I want to implement in K country, I am looking forward to the possibilities to work for the glory of my Lord and I am ready to serve Him with all my heart and all my physical time. And I also have a true desire to continue to study but these plans are at least half a year after my arrival, for I need to adapt to the new circumstances.

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