PGN Giving opportunities

Current Giving Opportunities

The following are a few of PGN current giving opportunities. Please click the Give button to donate to a project. PGN assess a 10% administration fee to all designated giving. This means that 90% of every dollar goes directly to the need listed.

Please contact Mike Smith  for additional information on these needs: 

206 335-6453 / [email protected]

Laptops Needed

Students attending Divitia Gratiae University (DGU) in Tajikistan needing laptop computers. In speaking with the leadership of DGU, they say that the greatest need of the students is laptop computers. Laptops allow students to take classes online and do research for their assignments. We have researched and purchased 8-10 refurbished laptops with software to send to UDG Tajikistan. The cost of the laptops, packaging, shipping, and customs will be $3,000. Your help is needed now. We are asking that 8-10 people buy one of the laptops ($300) PGN will ship it to the university. The total cost $3,000 

Discipling Teens to Reach Teens

As a recent graduate of Divitia Gratiae University, Shirinmoh has started a ministry teaching teenage girls the skills they need to reach their peers. Most of these girls have experienced violence and abuse from unbelieving fathers, brothers, and other family members. Every Saturday for two months, she meets for four hours with each girl.  During this time, they study the Bible, pray together, and work on a craft they can use in their ministry. She appreciates that DGU prepared her for this ministry. She will be expanding this training of teens to other churches as God provides the funding. Cost: $100 each month

Winter Clothing

Divitia Gratiae University  

Many students attending the university come from warm weather countries (like Uzbekistan and Tajikistan) and are in immediate need of winter clothing. $150 will buy a student one coat and one winter outfit.



Many of our Central Asia partners are itinerate pastors who need to travel from city to city and village to village to run their ministry. Public transportation is extremely slow and and uneliable. We want to assist these pastors with used but reliable transportation. One car cost from $1200 to $2400 depending on what’s available and location.

Summer School of World Missions

Divitia Gratiae University

During the month of June PGN assist Divitia Gratiae University with the training of Central Asian pastors. These pastors are selected from churches and brought to the university. They are provided with travel, housing, meals and materials for the training. PGN sponsors many pastors and sends teaching staff to provide high quality of training. PGN cost for the training is $6000 each year.

Field partner in Uzbekistan


Monthly Support Need $100

When I went to study in Moldova, I had the only goal of learning and gaining knowledge of theology and coming to serve where no one wants to come. My entire life has had the same goal, to serve God. I thank God that He has given me strength to do His work. My immediate goal is to prepare ten (or more) leaders who will take over and staff this ministry. This will allow me to expand our ministry to other regions of Uzbekistan.

I am a coworker with Christ and at this time He has called me to save and disciple souls right here. Then train these believers to lead God’s new churches being planted in Uzbekistan.

Youth Center Evangelistic Training Ministry

Salim Dosov

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Cost: $400 per month

We have a team of college graduate from DGU working in Kyrgyzstan reaching out to build relationships with non-believers. Our goals for this Youth Center is to bring these young people to Christ by sharing our lives with them. We also want to help DGU graduates in finding ministry which is difficult for them when they return home. Youth Centers help keep graduates busy and keep them all together, they are not scattered around, not alone, but together doing one ministry. They support and encourage each other.