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Partners Global Network has entered into a partnership agreement with Divitia Gratiae University in Chisinau, Moldova (UDG). UDG is the successor to the College of Theology and Education in Moldova. This institution is preparing Christian men and women, from the Republic of Moldova and other countries of Europe and Central Asia, to serve evangelical churches. UDG is a theological institution making a major impact in theological, social, transcultural mission and business spheres.

Russian Ministries

Discussions are now underway with Russian Ministries, and the School Without Walls, to form a partnership to assist in reaching the youth of Eastern and Central Europe. Today, over three thousand youth are being trained with the tools to reach and disciple their peers.


We are forming a new partnership with Pastor Alexander Belev, son of Ivan Belev, that will further the work to train pastors and plant churches throughout Moldova. These new pastors are the next generation Christian leaders, who are planting churches and changing the spiritual landscape of Eastern and Central Europe.

Eurasia Educational Foundation

Eurasia Educational Foundation Vision:
To see local self-governing, self-propagating and elder led churches who work with others to hold each other accountable, help each other and stand together under all circumstances.
To see them use the Bible as an authoritative book inspired by God and given for guidance in all matters of life in the spirit.
To be gracious enough to understand that there will be local varieties on the manifestation of Christ in those communities due to culture, language, time and other influences and that disunity is worse than varieties of interpretation.
Above all in obedience to Christ and His call that they reach out to others areas as the Spirit calls them in a variety of ways and manners and regions.


There are dozens of individual partners who daily pray and encourage our partners in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. These partners make up our Partner 2 Partner program that is the "lifeline» of support for new leaders and missionaries partners going into communities of greatest need.

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